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Why should I join the Axiom Cattle Health Scheme?

  • Fast turnaround time for tests (under Seven working days for blood tests)

  • Very competitively priced tests

  • Veterinary reporting and advice from a vet with over 15 years of cattle health schemes experience

  • Ease of sampling using our herd testing packs and barcode labels

  • You and your vet will be able access your herd’s test records on-line to check your herd’s status, next tests due, individual animal results, apply for pen-side health declarations plus access results from all samples submitted from your herd for non-health scheme testing

  • Send samples via our courier network* for next day delivery (no delays or samples getting lost in the post)

  • Use our personalised disease cost and herd test cost calculators to help you prioritise the diseases to focus on for your herd

  • Half price membership fee for the first year if paying by direct debit

  • Manage payments easily by direct debit

  • Display your herd’s status on our members’ database as a herd marketing tool

  • CHeCS approved scheme and lab tests are quality assured to ISO17025 standard

  • *Postage paid envelopes available for those not on courier routes

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