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Neospora programmes

  • Test all female cattle two years and older plus any breeding females between 1 and 2 years old plus any bought-in female cattle.

  • Repeat herd test, as above, annually

Herds that have reached risk level 1 status and have had two subsequent consecutive clear annual herd tests can then opt to test homebred animals biennially

Added animal testing:

  • Replacements should be sourced from risk level 1 herds if possible. If this is not possible, any prospective purchases plus their dams should preferably be tested in their herd of origin. Any positive animals or offspring from positive dams should not be purchased. If purchased without previous testing they must be blood tested whilst in quarantine.

Cases where Neospora could be involved and testing is required to rule out disease:

  • Any heifer/cow that aborts, has a stillborn calf, evidence of resorption or if the calf dies within 24 hours of birth must be blood tested for Neospora antibody. Testing of abortion material is also recommended.

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