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FAQ - General

Which diseases can I test for?

Any combination of BVD virus, Johne’s disease, IBR virus, Leptospirosis and Neosporosis. Herds can also get status for TB. Most herd owners opt to test for at least BVD virus and Johne’s disease. Discuss with your vet which diseases would be most appropriate for you to test for. We have a disease cost calculator that your vet can use to demonstrate to you the cost benefits of testing for each disease for your individual herd situation.

What forms do I need to submit with my annual herd test?

The submission form, which will be pre-printed with ear numbers, needs to be signed by the farmer and vet. There are also separate CHeCS health plan forms, which should be completed with your vet. There is a general one as well as separate ones for Johne’s disease, Neospora and TB. We do not need copies of these but they should be kept on file by the member or vet practice as they will be requested if a CHeCS audit is carried out.

Can I do my TB test through the cattle health scheme?

TB testing is still based on skin testing, which is under government control, however there is a CHeCS TB programme that allows herds to be given a score from 0 to 10 depending on the number of years that the herd has been free from TB. As part of the CHeCS programme there are also biosecurity requirements which are aimed at reducing the risk of a herd having a TB breakdown.

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